Petr Studený, J.D.

certified court interpreter and translator
of the Czech and German language

Phone: +420 721 820 377


About me

Petr Studený, J.D.

certified interpreter and translator of German language appointed by the Municipal Court in Prague in 1991 

  • member of the Czech Union of Interpreters and Translators
  • member of the Board of Directors of the Music Information Centre (HIS)
  • member of the Czech Mycological Society
  • member of the Chamber of Court Appointed Interpreters and Translators of the Czech Republic
  • Opening Performance Orchestra (2006-2024)
  • re-set production, re-set records (2006-2024)

Born in 1965 in Brno. Having completed my studies at the Faculty of Law of the Charles University in Prague, I was employed at a legal department of an international trade company. In 1990 I passed a state examination in German. On 1 January 1991 I started working as a translator and interpreter of German and in December 1991 I was appointed a certified interpreter of the German language.

Overview of services

Officially certified translations as well as translations without official certification of all for companies and private persons from Czech into German and from German into Czech

For companies:
§   Foundation documents, articles of association, partnership agreements
§   Certificates and attestations of all kinds
§   Powers of attorney, employment contracts, tenancy agreements, loan agreements, bank guarantees, share transfer agreements, etc.
§   Expert opinions
§   Due Diligence, Feasibility Studies
§   Notarial deeds, excerpts from the commercial register and real estate cadastre
§   All types of legal opinions and analyses, judgements, evidence in lawsuits (commercial correspondence, invoices, etc.)
§   Standards, laws and official ordinances of all kinds
§   Commercial correspondence

For private individuals:

§   Personal documents (birth and baptism certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates)
§   School reports of all types, school-leaving certificates, university diplomas, certificates and attestations
§   Driving licences, various authorisations, certificates of course completion, policies, extracts from the criminal record, trade licences, bank statements
§   Powers of attorney, police records, specimen signatures
§   All types of contracts (tenancy agreements, contracts for services, contracts for work, etc.)
§   Wills, notarial deeds, divorce decrees, all court filings


Interpreting with and without certification for companies and private individuals from Czech into German and from German into Czech


For companies:
§   Notarial records, shareholders’ meetings
§   Court hearings
§   Business negotiations 

For individuals:
§   Negotiations with authorities of all kinds
§   Inheritance proceedings

Overview of services Interesting orders

Translation of an original radio drama A House on a Hilside by Wolfgang Altendorf for the Czech Radio, station Vltava (1996)

Silence – translation of selected text from John Cage’s anthology published under the name Silence, from English with the reference to a German translation by Ernst Jandl (1997)

In cooperation with the law office Gaedertz Vieregge Quack Kreile a several years’ experience in translating European legislation in the process of harmonization of Czech and European law (from 1995 to 2001)

Translation of chemical Safe Data Sheets of the complete assortment of goods for Evonik Degussa s.r.o. (2005)

Complete translation of the criminal file German of 3,500 pages for the District Court for Prague 3 for the purpose of transfer of the case to the courts in the Federal Republic of Germany (2006)

In cooperation with the law firm Havel & Holásek translations of founding documents and regular annual reports for investment funds Julius Baer (from 2005 to 2009) and C-Quadrat (2008)

In cooperation with Oberbank AG translations of legal regulations and contractual documents related to trading in securities (2013)

Cooperation with Commercial Service K + K, s.r.o. on a new edition of a dictionary database Millenium version 8, contribution of ca. 50,000 technical terms into the Czech-German and German-Czech language version of the database (2013)

Armin Frei, Reflective damage in the right to damages (theoretical legal comparative paper), translation into Czech (2014)

Tricky Stela, based on Franz Fekkette, text by Radomil Uhlíř, translation of a short story into German (2015)

Complete translation of the final judgement of 100 pages for the Municipal Court in Prague (2018)

Complete translation of the police file into German of 500 pages for the Regional Police Headquarters of the Capital of Prague (2020)