Petr Studený, J.D.

certified court interpreter and translator
of the Czech and German language

Phone: +420 721 820 377


Certified translations and interpreting

I provide officially certified translations of all types for companies and individuals from/into German. I provide uncertified specialist (legal, economic and technical) translations from /into German. I provide both officially certified and uncertified interpreting services for companies and individuals from/into German.

The translation price is CZK 400 per standard page of translated text

(including official certification).

The interpreting price is CZK 950 per every hour commenced

(including official certification).

Certified translations for companies

  • Memoranda of association, articles of association, partnership agreements, deeds of foundation, trust deeds
  • Letters of attorney, employment contracts, lease agreements, credit/loan agreements, bank guarantees
  • Expert opinions
  • Due diligence, feasibility studies
  • Share transfer agreements
  • Notarial records, certificates of incorporation and certificates of title
  • All types of legal opinions and analyses, adjudications, burdens of proof in legal disputes
  • Business correspondence, invoices, etc.
  • Legal rules and standards, laws and decrees of all types
  • Final accounts, audits, tax returns, financial and tax expert opinions

Certified translations for individuals

  • Personal documents (birth and baptism certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates)
  • All types of school reports, secondary school leaving certificates, university diplomas, academic degrees, certificates, attestations
  • Driving licences, various other licences, certificates of classes and training, insurance contracts, copies of criminal records, bank statements
  • Letters of attorney, police reports, specimen signatures
  • Last will and testaments, notarial records, divorce decrees, all court pleadings
  • All types of contracts and agreements (contracts of lease, procurement contracts, employment agreements, contracts for a piece of work, etc.)

Interpreting for companies

  • Notarial records, general assemblies
  • Judicial proceedings

Interpreting for individuals

  • Dealings with authorities of all types
  • Inheritance proceedings

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